Founded in 1892, the history of W.W.Fairbairn is long and storied!

Over one hundred years ago, Scottish immigrant Walter Fairbairn turned a $3,000 profit from the sale of wood harvested on his land into the beginnings of what is now a successful hardware, plumbing, and heating supply retailer.

After the lumber business began to decline, Walter and his sons expanded the business to include plumbing and heating.

Today, W.W. Fairbairn & Sons, Inc. carries on the family tradition of being responsive to technological advances. W.W. Fairbairn & Sons, Inc. continues to strengthen the business. Known for reliability and personal, friendly service, the company has established an enviable reputation.

In 2005, W. W. Fairbairn & Sons, Inc. had the distinguished honor of becoming a Historical Site in the State of Michigan.

W.W. Fairbairn and Sons thanks the many loyal customers they serve.